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Have you seen Pigeonhole Live in action? Love the idea, imagined many uses for it, sees great potential in it and have many ideas for improving it?

We love to meet with you! Contact Lyon at lyon@pigeonhole.sg and be sure to include your CV!

Couple of positions available (either full-time/part-time/internship - minimum diploma qualifications):

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No Account Needed. One Step Sign-In.

Forget user registrations and cumbersome logins. To get into a Pigeonhole Live session, just enter the passcode given and touch/click Go! It's so easy, you don't even have to worry about case sensitivity.

It Just Works, in Real-Time

Questions flow in and re-sort seamlessly. Votes are updated on-screen as they are cast. Everything just behaves as they should, without any intervention.

Single Passcode, Multiple Sessions

Perfect for conferences with many speaker sessions. With one single passcode, users can easily move in and out between Pigeonhole Live sessions. Sessions will magically come online as the event unfolds through the day.

Screen/Filter Questions

Enjoy a peace of mind. When inappropriate questions do come up, you have the option to block it. You also have the liberty to hide, show or edit the text of questions.

Ask and Vote for Questions

Fastest hand first/person to the mic is so yesterday. Just take out your mobile device and start posting your questions. When you see a question that interests you, just vote for it. It's that simple.

Snap Polls

The ball is in your audience court now. Want to gather their opinion on something? Do it effortlessly and instantly now! No more paper counting!


So your event has ended and it's time to take stock. Gone are the days of post-event paper feedback forms. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on making your next event better.

Projector View

Immerse your audience in a theatrical display of self-sorting questions. Let them see their questions appear on screen, and overtaking others, as audiences vote for them. It's a visual spectacle! You can also selectively pop-up questions when they are being addressed.

Projector View - Snap Poll

Watch the bars move to reflect the poll results in real-time as audiences' votes arrive.

Moderator Interface

Liken to a remote control, this touch and tablet optimised interface allows the moderator/speaker to take control of a session and quickly review and mark questions to address or for follow-up in a panel discussion.

Video Stream and Pigeonhole Live

Have a live video stream of your conference on your website? Embed Pigeonhole Live beside it and engage your audiences in the comfort of their home.

Custom Branding

Our branding is relegated so yours can be projected to every audience member. Your branding receives high visibility and gets imprinted in every audience member. Alternatively, get your sponsors onboard!

Export Data

Post-event, save all the questions/votes/comments as a PDF or Excel document. We even tell you which questions were addressed! Do as you wish with it - follow-up on unanswered questions, press releases etc.